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For ordinary stick point Chan, Bosch Power Tools (China) Co., Ltd. team captain, chairman of the tra
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Bosch Power Tools (China) Co., Ltd. team captain, chairman of the trade union, the Hangzhou hi tech Zone (Binjiang) the seventh United Party Branch Secretary Xu Biao


He went to the car driver from the captain, has experienced the whole process of carve. He grounded line drilling technology, in vehicle maintenance annually for the company save more than 20 million yuan; in the control of the cost of petrol, every year for the company to save 10 million yuan; in the traffic safety, for 11 consecutive years did not occur a traffic accident.
He was elected chairman of the four consecutive elected, always keep in mind that he is a worker's home. Where the employee in an accident. He was always the first to arrive, do a good job in processing, sympathy and comfort, and launch the employee donation problem-solving; where the employee benefits, the lack of security, he always first stand out, positive for employees to talk, resolutely safeguard the rights and interests of employees; every lifts do recreational and sports activities, he is always the first employees participate in the organization, but also set up a company basketball team, football team, badminton team, greatly enrich the spare life of employee. In the company there is a sentence: "it is difficult to find uncle biao".

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