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Analysis of the development direction of the electric tool industry in China
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Hardware and electrical tools industry, advanced equipment manufacturing, and upgrade services in advanced manufacturing. Electric tool is widely used in aerospace, high-speed rail construction, shipbuilding, automobile industry and other advanced equipment manufacturing industry and road construction and decoration, wood processing, metal processing and other production areas. The main points are metal cutting tools, abrasive tools, electric tools and electric tools for railway use.. Common electric tools electric drill, electric grinder, electric wrench and electric screwdriver, hammer and impact drill, concrete vibrator, electric planer.
China's hardware electric tools in the setback, to their own advantages in the hardware industry to get a place. Hardware electric tools industry actively introduce advanced technology to enhance their own strength, China's rapid development, the comprehensive foreign exchange and Prospect of electric tool industry, in recent years also in the rapid development, but compared with foreign enterprises or in backward level. Professionals believe that to allow the rapid development of the electric tool industry, technology is essential.
Electric tools industry has a special nature, is a high-tech industry, companies must actively introduce related technology to enhance their own strength. Electric tools industry, advanced equipment manufacturing industry, and to upgrade services in advanced manufacturing. At the same time, we must further improve product quality, accelerate the development of new products. In particular, to speed up the development of battery operated tools and electronic control tools, and continuously improve the level of power tools and product quality.
Our country hardware electric tool production technology to the intensification, the flexibility, the automation, the specialization as well as the production cooperation complete network development. Gradually from the OEM brand production, neutral packaging exports to their own brand-name products. OEM, neutral packaging production indeed of rapid expansion of China's exports of electric tools plays an important role, but this is not a long-term plan, because this mode of operation is to establish the image of Chinese enterprises, create their own brand names.
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