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Anti-counterfeiting inquiry tips:
A, telephone inquiries, please call hotline 4006-888-011 (to support mobile), according to voice prompt, from left to right, the order from top to bottom in order to enter 22 anti-counterfeiting password, and press "#" end, after the end of the verification system you can hear voice:
(1) "your query is Shanghai Jiatian Tools Co., Ltd. sales of electric tools series products, is the identity of the genuine products, thank you for your inquiry. Goodbye." This voice, said, you buy is genuine, ease of use;
(2) "the security code you have inquired is already in the * * * of * *, and several points are first queried for the first time, please check carefully to beware of counterfeiting.!" The voice said: genuine query again (if you have the telephone voice said time had the first query).
(3) "the security code you query does not exist, the code should be no pure digital coding of the blank space, please again verify and beware of counterfeiting!" The voice said: 1, counterfeit products (if you have checked security password input error free, still heard this voice); 2, input anti-counterfeiting ciphers have error (if you have checked security password input error, please re input).
Two, mobile phone short message editing query: "fake" (Note: without quotation marks) sent to the 12114. In reply to the message, anti-counterfeiting code editor (from left to right and from top to down 22 anti-counterfeiting password, no spaces) reply, wait a few seconds can receive the query results, on behalf of the meaning and content of the telephone inquiries.
Third, website: landing or website, security center "security check" column in the query, query results and representative significance and telephone query.

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